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Rho Omicron Chapter of Sigma is proud to sponsor a canned food drive on Thursday, November 17th benefiting the student food pantry at Mount Carmel College of Nursing. Please see the attached flyer for more information!
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Please click on the link below to view the flyer with more information! 

Are you interested in serving on the Rho Omicron board? If so, please take a moment to look at the open positions below and follow the instructions to make your intent known by April 14th, 2022!

Ballot Information

Dr. Cora Arledge Dr. Miranda Knapp

In this year's upcoming 46th Biennial Convention of Sigma Nursing Cora Arledge, DNP, MS, B.S.Ed., BSN, RN, Assistant Dean, DNP student, and Miranda Knapp, DNP, APRN, AGCNS-BC, CNE, EBP-C, Assistant Professor will present Impacting Incivility in BSN Students. Congratulations, professors!

MCCN Rho Omicron Chapter of Sigma is excited to take part in the 46th Biennial Convention! Be on the lookout to see how our chapter is being represented at the convention! While you are waiting, did you know that Rho Omicron has a LinkedIn page and a Facebook page? Join today so you always know what's happening with our chapter! 

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Chapter News

  • 2023-2025 Rho Omicron Chapter Board of Directors Election Ballots


     As an active member of Rho Omicron, we invite you to cast a vote for new board members. You can click here to complete the ballot: Click here to cast your vote. Thank you for your participation!
    Rho Omicron Board Members

  • 2023 Central Ohio Consortium Spring Scholarship Day

  • Open Rho Omicron Board Positions

    Hello Everyone,

    As Rho Omicron's Secretary, I am excited to begin the recruitment process for the Rho Omicron Chapter Board. This is an outstanding opportunity for you to utilize your leadership and service skills while promoting the success of our Rho Omicron Chapter and supporting our Sigma members.

    General factors to consider for prospective Chapter Board candidates:

    • MUST hold a current active membership in the Rho Omicron chapter
    • Commit to a 2-year term

    The available leadership positions for interested candidates are:

    President-Elect and Treasurer


    • Be mentored by current chapter president:
    • Prepare to succeed into the presidency at the end of a one- or two-year term of office.
    • Learn the chapter operations and facilitate the achievement of chapter goals and mission of Sigma.
    • Serve on the chapter’s board of directors.
    • Develop and maintain policies and procedures related to the position of president-elect
    • Submit modifications or new policies and procedures to the Board of Directors for approval.
    • Fulfill other duties as assigned by chapter:
      • Serve as chair of committees
      • Serve as an advocate for the chapter to the public and nursing organizations.
      • Skills gained through service:
      • Serve on a non-profit/non-governmental organization board of directors
      • Team communication
      • Leadership of committee


    • Serve on the chapter’s board of directors:
    • Prepare and present a current financial report to the board of directors at each meeting.
    • Prepare and submit an annual budget to the board of directors with appropriate committee advisory council or task force.
    • Develop and maintain fiscal policies and procedures in collaboration with the appropriate committee.
    • Submit new policies or modifications of existing policies to the board of directors for approval.
    • Prepare an annual report to the chapter membership regarding the treasurer’s responsibilities and activities.
    • Be custodian of the chapter funds:
    • Prepare and submit the financial section of the chapter annual report.
    • Work with an accountant on a biennial audit.
    • Obtain and complete necessary tax forms for the Internal Revenue Service (US chapters only) or other governing agencies.
    • Manage the investment plan of the chapter with support from the board of directors.
    • Be aware of Sigma’s policies and timelines regarding chapter checks and communicate how your chapter would like them delivered.
    • May be bonded in an amount equal to three-fourths of the worth of the chapter.
    • Skills Gained through Service:
    • Serve on a non-profit/non-governmental organization board of directors
    • Team communication
    • Leadership of committee
    • Financial accountability and accounting standards budgeting

    Please review the description of role responsibilities and duties for the office for which you wish to run. Please contact one of the Leadership Succession Members with your interest in a Chapter Leadership Board position by January 28, 2023. We will contact you to confirm your submission and interest by February 1, 2023.

    Leadership Succession Members

    Kathryn Sutherland – ksutherland@mccn.edu
    Amy O’Brien – aobrien@mchs.com

    Oluwaseun Foluke -oluwaseun.k.foluke@gmail.com

    Thank you very much for your interest in serving as a leader of the Rho Omicron Chapter of Sigma: Honor Society of Nursing: Sigma Theta Tau International (STTI).


    Barb Welch, DNP, MS, RN, EBP-C

    Rho Omicron Chapter Secretary


  • Chapter Board of Directors 2023-2025 Election Ballots


     As an active member of Rho Omicron, we invite you to cast a vote for new board members. You can click here to complete the ballot: Click here to cast your vote. Thank you for your participation!
    Rho Omicron Board Members

  • Rho Omicron Board Positions

    Are you interested in becoming more active in Rho Omicron? If so, please check out the information to the left of this note that discusses upcoming vacant board positions. If you are interested, please follow the instructions and notify the chapter of your intention by April 14th! 

  • February 2022 Virtual Lunch and Learn


    Rho Omicron is sponsoring a virtual, “Lunch and Learn” on Wednesday, February 23rd from 12 – 1300. Please join us for virtual presentations by Dr. Miranda Knapp, DNP, APRN, AGCNS-BC, CNE, EBP-C, on testing time limits and their impact on anxiety levels, duration and performance of nursing students and Dr. Patty Severt, DNP, RN, EBP (CH) on the best way to orient ICU RNs using an EBP approach. There will be CE attached for attendance. Please refer to the handout for further information and the Webex link to attend. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to Samantha Schmitz (sschmitz@mccn.edu).
    Samantha Schmitz MSN, RN

    Join by meeting number

    Meeting number (access code): 2346 416 6807

    Meeting password: P6mnjkNdn72 (76665563 from phones) 


  • January 2022 Virtual Lunch and Learn

    Hello Members, 

    Rho Omicron is sponsoring a January, virtual, “Lunch and Learn” that will feature Dr. Alyson Evans, DNP, MBA-HM, MSN, ACNS-BC, BSN, RN, MSL-BC. Dr. Evans will present concerning the Ohio Nurse Honor Guard, which is an organization that "pays tribute to nurses at the time of their death by performing the Nightingale at the funeral or memorial service."  This virtual event will take place on Wednesday, January 19th from 12-1300. There will be CE attached for attendance. Please refer to the handout for further information and the Webex link to attend. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to Samantha Schmitz (sschmitz@mccn.edu).

    The link to join can be accessed here:

    Other Comments:
    • Meeting number: 2340 707 5932
    • Password: HHwZpKcJ542 (44997525 from phones)
  • December 2021 Virtual Lunch & Learn

    Hello Rho Members,

    We would like to extend an invitation to our December virtual lunch and learn featuring Dr. Amy O’Brien and Dr. Kathryn Sutherland as the featured speakers. Dr. O’Brien will be presenting on “Utilizing Teach-Back, an Evidence-Based Practice, to reduce 30-day stroke re-admission rates. Dr. Sutherland will be presenting on how the utilization of preceptor education can help with retention.


     This virtual event will take place on Wednesday, December 15th, from 1200 – 1300. Each presentation will last for approximately 15 – 20 minutes, and there will be a 10 minute Q&A session following.


    The Zoom platform will be utilized. Details for the meeting can be found below: 

    Meeting Invitation Link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/82078245473?pwd=UUxYcXExMDl0SkJlSFQwaS9rVURudz09

    Meeting ID: 820 7824 5473
    Passcode: 566184


    We hope that you can join us for this event showcasing the great work that Dr. O’Brien and Dr. Sutherland have completed. If you have any questions about the event, please reach out to Samantha Schmitz, sschmitz@mccn.edu.

  • Getting the word out...

    Hi Everyone!
    We are excited that you have visited the Rho Omicron page. We know that our chapter members do great things all the time, but do we know what everybody else in the group is doing? We are working on getting the word out about our chapter. We are excited to launch a LinkedIn page that is dedicated specifically to our chapter. Additionally, we have a Rho Omicron Facebook page, too. Have you not connected on those platforms? Let's connect today! If you are a member of Rho Omicron and participate in something you would like to share, let us know! Send an email to Samantha Schmitz (sschmitz@mccn.edu), and she will get you featured. Let's take pride in our accomplishments and celebrate our chapter members!
  • Thank you Dr. Jeri Milstead, Sigma Foundation of Nursing Donor

    Rho Omicron Chapter would like to send a warm thank you to Dr. Jeri A. Milstead for her thoughtful donation to Sigma Foundation of Nursing in 2020. This donation will support nurses around the world and continue Sigma’s excellence to empower nurses to improve health worldwide as leaders, innovators, lifelong learners, and educators. Dr. Jeri Milstead embodies these core values daily and is the epitome of what Sigma stands for. Dr. Milstead has been a member of Sigma (formerly Sigma Theta Tau International) since induction at OSU in 1974. She has held active membership in many chapters over her distinguished career as a nurse, educator, author and leader. She is recognized as a trailblazer and innovator. Please read below in her own works what Sigma means to her. With gratitude to you Dr. Jeri Milstead for your giving spirit.

    “I believe in the mission and goals of Sigma and try to emulate them in my own professional life. I espouse the concept of leadership that Sigma exemplifies—leadership in practice, education, research, and public policy. I had heard about Sigma (then Sigma Theta Tau) when I returned to college for my BSN from my aunt who was a faculty member/administrator at OSU. Aunt Lorane Kruse bought me my jeweled pin (my mother, her sister but not a nurse had done the same for her when she was inducted) that I treasure very much. I since have been able to pass on this tradition with my own granddaughter and a dear colleague. Being a leader involves deliberate involvement in organizations that promote ethical policies. While many times this is demonstrated through visibility, leadership often can be behind-the-scenes activity. Both are necessary to move our profession forward. Sigma offers opportunities to reveal our commitment at the local, national, and international levels. What a wonderful, vibrant organization!”


  • Rho Omicron Hosted a Category A-Lunch & Learn on April, 21st

    Rho Omicron hosted a Category A - Nurse Delegation Lunch & Learn for Rho Omicron members and MCCN faculty on Wednesday, April 21st, in the college lounge. The speaker, Pete DiPiazza DNP, APRN serves as the Director of Clinical Practice and Performance with Mount Carmel Medical Group and owns a practice in Central Ohio for the past 11 years. Dr. DiPiazza’s presentation centered around delegation in Ohio. The definition, standards, criteria and 5 rights of delegation were all presented in this informative engaging presentation. The presentation provided time to discuss case studies and in-person participants enjoyed the active discussion around the topic. Rho Omicron board would like to send a thank you to Dr. DiPiazza for his time and to our generous lunch donors-the IPCE Committee of Mount Carmel Health System. Thank You!

  • 2021 New Member Virtual Induction

    On January 21st  Rho Omicron gathered virtually to celebrate the achievement and honor of our newly inducted members in Their induction ceremony. While the induction this year was virtual, it still felt personal, meaningful, and with togetherness as 82 inductees gathered in the comfort of their homes with loved ones to listen to an inspiring and touching presentation given by Dr. Jerry Mansfield. Dr. Jerry Mansfield spoke on the challenge and impact that the pandemic has had on healthcare and economics. He challenged our newly inducted to look to the future to bring innovation to your practice, bring evidence-base to your practice, use your voice and your knowledge to be change agents that transform and empower patient care and healthcare to move forward. But, to not let the pandemic diminish why you are here and stay connected to your nursing roots to serve, honor, love, care, help, and make a difference-that is nursing. Allow the vast resources Rho Omicron and Sigma has to offer to help you in your journey as a nurse to grow professionally and personally into a leader, mentor, and scholar.

  • Virtual December Coffee Gathering

    On a snowy December picturesque day,  Rho Omicron held a virtual member coffee hour. 14 attendees had the opportunity to engage, listen, and discuss two very relevant and outstanding scholarly work presentations by members, Cora Arledge and Kerry Fankhauser. Kerry spoke of the importance of decreasing stress, taking time to care for yourself and using mindful meditation to stay mentally and physically healthy. Cora spoke of the importance of decreasing lateral violence by working as a team, being respectful of your team, respecting each others' dignity, worth and valuing each other's contribution and individuality. 
    More outstanding events are on the horizon, make note and plan for upcoming future Rho Omicron events. On January 21, 2021 join us virtually as we welcome and induct our new chapter members. February, March, and April all will have just as outstanding presentations to look forward to! 
  • Spirit of Giving Avondale Elementary Fundraiser


      Members, you have warmed our hearts and the hearts of many children. Avondale Elementary children will smile in delight as they receive motivational gifts now and in the New Year! Thank you to each of you for your kindness and generosity in the spirit of giving to  our fundraiser! We raised $1155.07! 

      We wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy healthy New Year to you and yours!

      The Board of Directors for Rho Omicron. 

    Event List

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